Sizing chart

Ring Sizing

If you have a ring that fits your finger comfortably, you can use it to determine your ring size. To do this, you'll need a ruler or a tape measure.


Place the well-fitting ring on a flat surface and measure the distance between the inside edges of the ring. This measurement is the internal diameter of your ring.


Find your fit

Using our ring sizing table, find the right size for your ring based on your measurements. Please note that in South Africa, we use the UK/AUS ring size guide, but your region may have a different sizing guide.

Internal Diameter (mm) Size UK/AUS Size USA/CAN Size EU
14.1 F 3 44
14.9 H 4 46.5
15.7 J 5 49
16.5 L 6 51.5
17.3 N 7 54
18.1 P 8 56.5
19.0 R 9 59
19.8 T 10 61.5
20.6 V 11 64


For a more detailed table of ring sizes, please click here. 


Don't have a ring to measure?

If you don't have a well-fitting ring to measure, don't worry! For only R75, you can get your own Stella ring sizer, a convenient solution to help you determine your ring size accurately. 

We don't recommend using a string or paper strip to measure your finger, as these can easily stretch or twist, resulting in inaccurate readings and an ill-fitting ring.