Getting a custom moissanite ring made - know the process

Getting a custom moissanite ring made - know the process

If you are considering getting a custom designed ring made, you might wonder what our process entails.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. We prepare a quote for you based on your requirements. The quote is valid for 7 days. If you need more time, the quote can be extended by request. We do this because prices are worked out based on the day’s gold and Dollar exchange rates.
  2. Once you’ve accepted your quote we do a 3D drawing for you to approve.
  3. Even if you’re only buying an engagement ring for now, we prefer to design your engagement ring and wedding ring together so that you can visualise what it will look like in future. 
  4. Manufacturing only starts when you've approved the design and you're 101% happy with it.
  5. Manufacturing and shipping takes 4-6 weeks from this point, depending on whether or not we have moissanites in stock for your ring. Occasionally we might need to have a gemstone cut for you.
  6. The price includes delivery to your door within South Africa. We use Rhenus or Globeflight and we proudly have a zero incident rate to date. We can do Postnet to Postnet by request too.
  7. All rings with moissanites larger than 0.5ct include a lifetime guarantee and certificate of authenticity as well as a valuation certificate.
  8. If you take a wedding ring too, you can enjoy 10% off the wedding ring (we prefer making both rings at the same time to ensure a perfect fit between the two bands, but this is not a must-do at all).

Along the way you’re welcome to have Zoom calls with us, which is how we do all our consultations, but WhatsApp chat works great in between because we can easily share pictures etc. as we go. 

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