Your Complete Guide to Ring Sizing

Your Complete Guide to Ring Sizing

At Stella Moissanite, we understand the thrill of finding a piece of fine jewelry that complements your personal style. However, when it comes to rings, determining the perfect size can seem like a daunting task, especially when ordering online. Don't worry; we're here to make this process as effortless as possible for you. So let's dive into the world of ring sizes! 

Ring Sizing Around the World

Did you know that different countries have different ring sizing standards? It's a fascinating fact that can also add to the confusion. For example, the US and Canada primarily use numerical sizes (with half and quarter sizes), while the UK, Australia, and South Africa use alphabetical sizes. In Europe, ring sizes are typically measured by the circumference of the finger in millimeters.

At Stella Moissanite, we use the United Kingdom and Australian size standard to cater to our South African clientele. This means our rings range from size A to Z+4. However, fear not if you're unfamiliar with this standard; we'll guide you through the process of determining your correct ring size. 

Methods to Measure Your Ring Size

1. The Stella Moissanite Ring Sizing Tool

One of the simplest and most accurate methods to find your ring size is using one of our Stella Moissanite Ring Sizing Tools, which are designed to mimic the size and fit of a real ring. For just R25, you receive our re-usable ring sizer tool to help make your online ring shopping more accurate and convenient. Buy a Stella Moissanite Ring Sizing Kit here.

2. Using A Ring You Already Own

Another simple way to find your ring size is to use a ring you already own and wear comfortably. Measure the inner diameter of this ring using a ruler and refer to our ring size chart at the end of this blog post to find the corresponding size. Keep in mind that the ring you measure should fit the same finger on which you plan to wear your new ring.

3. Apps, Apps, Apps!

In our digital age, we can use our smartphones for practically anything, including finding our perfect ring size! There are numerous free-to-use apps available today that can measure your ring size with remarkable accuracy. Simply go to the Android or iOS mobile store, search for "Ring Sizing App", and choose from a variety of easy to use mobile ring sizer applications. 

4. Measure with a Professional Jeweler

While we aim to provide you with convenient at-home solutions, a professional jeweler is also an option to help measure your ring size. This might involve some extra effort on your part, like traveling to their location and dealing with scheduling. They will be able to assist you with accurately measuring your ring finger. 

Ring Sizing Tips and Tricks

Here are some handy tips to ensure you get the most accurate measurement:

  • Your fingers tend to swell throughout the day, with the highest swelling around the end of the day and after a workout. Thus, it's recommended to measure your ring size at different times of the day.
  • Cold temperatures can cause your fingers to shrink a bit, so avoid measuring your ring size when your hands are cold.
  • If you're measuring for a wide band, consider going up half a size from your measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

Note: We do not recommend the "string" method for measuring your finger. It may seem like a quick solution, but it's often inaccurate because strings can stretch and twist, leading to incorrect measurements. 

Stella Moissanite Ring Size Chart

Below is a comprehensive ring size chart with commonly used sizes, for your convenience:

UK / AUS Size Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm)
H 14.9 46.8
I 15.3 48.0
J 15.7 49.3
K 16.1 50.6
L 16.5 51.9
M 16.9 53.1
N 17.2 54.0
O 17.6 55.3
P 18.0 56.6
Q 18.4 57.8
R 18.8 59.1
S 19.2 60.3
T 19.6 61.6
U 20.0 62.8
V 20.4 64.1
W 20.8 65.3


By following this guide, you're sure to find your perfect ring size, enhancing your online shopping experience at Stella Moissanite. Remember, a well-fitting ring not only looks good, but its also more secure and it feels comfortable throughout the day.

To get started on your ring sizing journey, order your Stella Moissanite Ring Sizing Tool today and get R250 off your next perfectly sized ring at Stella Moissanite!