Stella Couple: Anya & Stephan

Stella Couple: Anya & Stephan

Stephan and Anya met in their final year at the University of Stellenbosch. They both decided to spend Valentine’s weekend with their friends and swore that they had given up on looking for “love”. They had no idea that it was actually just around the corner.

It was at 12am in a club on a Saturday night  when Stephan saw Anya across the dance floor. He went up to her and asked if he could buy her something to drink. They sat in a booth and spoke for hours. The next day, Anya was
convinced that she would never hear from him again, when she got a message from him asking her to go on a coffee date. Coffee dates became dinner dates, and the rest, as one would say, is history.

"I knew the night we met that Stephan was the man who would forever hold my heart. He is my person, my best friend and the love of my life," Anya says.


The Big Question

They've always enjoyed going for sunset picnics on the beach while they were at Stellenbosch. When they had the opportunity to visit Cape Town at the start of 2022, Stephan organised the most memorable beach picnic of their lives. It was the most thoughtful and romantic moment, and he really swept me off my feet! The perfect proposal!

The Ring

They had spoken about getting engaged and Anya had showed Stephan some rings that she liked, but it was a complete surprise to Anya when Stephan pulled out an elegant emerald cut moissanite solitaire ring in a soft gold setting - her absolute dream ring! 

Stella Moissanite was definitely at the top of my list when I started looking for ideas on what ring I would like. I had heard about the great quality of the moissanite stones they provided, the beautiful craftmanship of the rings and the
amazing service provided.

Congratulations, Stephan and Anya - we wish you many happy years of love, growth, fun and special memories together.


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