Photo of moissanite rings and jewellery

Why you should buy moissanite jewellery

Moissanite jewellery has taken the world by storm thanks to its incredible luster and sparkle. But aside from its good looks, did you know what else moissanite has to offer?


Not only are moissanites much more affordable than diamonds (they can cost between 50 and 90% less than diamonds), they also share very similar characteristics such as aesthetics and durability. Moissanites are also far more superior to other gemstones and non-gemstones often used as cheap diamond alternatives, such as cubic zirconia.

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Not only are moissanites good for your pocket, they are also ecologically friendly and much more sustainable than diamonds, which are mined in ways that cause harm to the environment. Moissanite gemstones are created in laboratories where there is no harm to human or earth.

Conflict free

Moissanites are not used by warlords or a black market to fund wars and crimes against humanity. You’ll have no blood on your hands when you buy a Stella moissanite ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.

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