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Each of our moissanites are individually selected for their icy white colour, brilliant sparkle and excellent cutting grade. Conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and laboratory created for exceptional quality and consistency.

  • Size referenced in millimeters and approximate equivalent diamond weight in carat
  • Excellent clarity, free from inclusions
  • 9.25 out of 10 on MOH's scale of hardness, as durable as diamonds
  • Perfectly colourless, equivalent to diamond grades
  • Scratch resistant, won't become cloudy

Beware of cheap imitations. All our loose moissanites are independently graded by the EGL, South Africa's trusted gemological laboratory for traceability and guaranteed quality.

Each loose stone you buy is certified and comes with a lifetime limited warranty against chipping and discolouration.

DEVOTE by Stella Moissanite


Stella was founded in 2020 by Ika van Wyk with the dream of offering a credible alternative to fine diamond jewellery without compromising on quality and durability.

Each year, more and more people in South Africa get married. With tough economic times and tight budgets, couples find themselves compromising on the engagement rings they buy by either buying it later in order to save longer, buying cheap alternatives that are of lower quality or buying smaller rings than what they were dreaming of.

"I just hated that young people still felt the pressure to spend enormous amounts of money on engagement rings, often putting themselves in debt or eating up their savings. There had to be a better way to get that Pinterest-worthy ring without getting into financial ruin."

Not wanting to compromise on quality, durability and aesthetics, Ika looked to moissanite gemstones and local artisan goldsmiths to create a new and inspiring fine jewellery range that will last a lifetime. Moissanites are really special gems, so anyone who isn’t so sure that diamonds are for them now have an alternative that is just as beautiful, durable and special...if not more so!

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All Stella jewellery are very proudly and expertly made locally. We believe in the power of local talent and if you buy a Stella piece of fine jewellery you are supporting the local artisans and craftspeople who had a hand in making your beautiful pieces of jewellery.

What's in a name? - Shakespeare

“Stella” is not only a beautiful name, it is also the Latin word for “star”. Considering where moissanites originally come from (hint: it’s from a far away place), Stella is the perfect name for a company that sells the perfect gemstone.

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Ika and the Stella team


If you are ready to take the next steps, book a free online consultation with Ika here.


Conflict free

We only use moissanites, which do not harm people or the environment during its production.

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Great value

Moissanites gemstones are beautiful,
durable and the perfect alternative to diamonds.

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Free delivery

All Stella purchases are safely and
securely delivered right to your doorstep for peace of mind.

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Fine jewellery to last a lifetime.