Frequently asked questions about moissanites

Frequently asked questions about moissanites

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about moissanites that you might not have known yet.

Is moissanite a diamond?

No, moissanites are not diamonds, “fake diamonds” or diamond replicants. Moissanites are unique gemstones in their own right. Diamonds are composed of carbon (C) and moissanites are composed of silicon carbide (SiC). 

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Is moissanite a cubic zirconium?

No, moissanites are not cubic zirconia (also called CZ). CZ is a diamond simulant, but moissanite is a unique gemstone in its own right. CZ is composed of zirconium dioxide (ZrO₂) whereas moissanites are composed of silicon carbide (SiC).

What is the difference between diamond simulants, synthetic diamonds and fake diamonds?

A diamond simulant or imitation diamond has gemological characteristics similar to a diamond, such as appearance, but have a different chemical structure from real diamonds and are not diamonds, nor are they passed off as being diamonds. They are alternatives to diamonds and should not be confused with synthetic or “lab” diamonds, which are actual diamonds with the same material properties as natural diamonds. The most common diamond simulants include moissanites, rhinestones and cubic zirconia.

Fake diamonds, is anything that is passed off as being real diamonds with the intention of deceiving the wearer or buyer.

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